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Announcement: Ask Lonershy Tumblr Redesign

Ask Lonershy

Since there’s a story-arch being developed for my ask blog, Lonershy, I decided I wanted to revamp it’s design as well. My original idea was to get some webcomic software and host it on a subdomain here at, but then I found I could do the same thing on tumblr with less than an hour of work. Ultimately this is the route I went with because the only experience I have with making a werbcomic was when I tried making a pony comic back in 2011 and had to physically change the code of the navigation buttons with each new post. It was a mess.

So Ask Lonershy has been updated with a sleek new webcomic theme. I think it looks a lot better than the old redux theme I was using, especially because it re sizes the image tio fit the screen instead of compressing it down like in the old theme. I think it’s creates a nice contrast between the stark darkness of the background and the colors of the image. It’s also really cool because multiple images won’t break the formatting so I don’t have to do drawings in cells; plus you still have all your tumblr sharing options like reblogging and sharing.

All I have left to do is redo the nav buttons to make them stand pout from the background and maybe play with the background color, maybe making it a dark grey or something not completely black.

A new update is coming soon to Ask Lonershy as well, I just have to draw it. So stay tuned everypony!

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