Published on October 11th, 2014 | by Rainb0wDashie


Announcement: Technical difficulties and layout changes

Hello everypony, Rainb0w Dashie here, and I’ve had some technical problems, again.

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to write about it, but I do want to clue everypony in just in case you guys were curious as to why my website was inaccessible and suddenly void of content.

Suffice to say my server derped, and hardcore. I tried updating a post last week only to find that there was absolutely nothing on the file server. So a few phone calls and a cancelled hosting service later, I was put onto the correct linux server I needed to be on (now my website loads super fast!) and all I had to do was rebuild the layout, since there was nothing to backup from the emptied server.

Anyway, as some of you can see, there have been some changes, mostly to the menu. The review tab is gone and a new “Roadtrips” tab has taken its place. This is because I’m planning to transition to video reviews over on my youtube channel. I’m still going to have written reviews, but they are going to be listed as a video transcipt when I post the videos into the media section. For now the Rainb0w Review has taken refuge under the Blog tab, but that will be going away soon once I make the transition into video reviews.

The new roadtrips tab will be for all of my convention and meetup posts. I’m planning to start some kind of frequent meetup in my area and I have some plans for future convention posts, so I feel it deserved it’s own tab instead of being lumpd in with the other blog posts.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.



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