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Ask Lonershy #7

I don’t know why it took me so long to make this update, nothing really interesting happens. Well, I lied, I do know why. Since getting involved with my Graphic Design Associates program I’ve been doing a lot of pony sketchs, trying to develop my own style and move away from tracing. It’s been pretty rough ironically enough since I’m just drawing cartoon ponies, but I’ve never had any art training before this so it feels like I’m trying to climb a mountain.

Anyway, this is my first fluttershy I’ve done without tracing. Here’s to hoping it gets easier from here.

#7 The Next Morning

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Rainb0w Dashie is a fanfic author, brony musician, aspiring artist, and a self proclaimed 'Jack-of-all-pony-trades". He is also the one and only Panty Muncher Pony; so be sure to lock up your fillies with the rest of the silver~

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