Waiting For You

Rainbow Dash hasn’t been sleeping well, in fact, she hasn’t been sleeping well for the better half of a month now. Tossing and turning at night, sleeping past her alarms, and often waking up exhausted, confused, and with her hooves outstreched as if to reach out for somepony.

Thinking she’s maybe just exercising too hard she tries to take it easy on herself, that is until a series of unpredictable nightmares bring Rainbow Dash back to a place long forgotten by Equestrian history.

Inspired by the music of Cult of Luna, A Pale Horse Named Death, and the author’s own dreams; This is a story about the things we beleive in, the things swept aweay by the passage of time, and, of course, the things that are still waiting for you.

Archive (fimfiction)

Chapter One: Something Soft
Chapter Two: This Empty Castle
Chapter Three: Carefully Chosen Words
Chapter Four: Bound To Find Something Eventually
Chapter Five: The Claustrophobic Forest
Chapter Six: Darkness and Doors
Chapter Seven: The Sun Will Smile Again
Chapter Eight: Somnus Oblivionis
Chapter Nine: A Secret Place
Chapter Ten: Waiting For You

Cover art:

Cover Art by Rainb0w Dashie