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I fell in love with the flutterpony done by PockyPaulJones (picture below)

2012-02-19-Fluttershy by PockyPaulJones

I want to emulate his style because I really like the way his Fluttershy turned out, she’s really cute especially in the cheek area and overall it’s the style I’ve been looking to draw like; so I redrew his Fluttershy to see how well I could incorporate some of the features into my own drawings. So far it’s not good, I’m still having issues with anatomy, and pretty much everything. I still used an undersketch, but it was mostly over the existing picture just to get a feel for how the anatomy was laid out. I’m going to keep up my sketch practices and continue working on learning pony anatomy, so hopefully next picture won’t be such a direct ‘copy’, but I still wanted to credit the picture I was using as it was a big inspiration for going forward.

Anyway, I hope you all can enjoy the picture regardless, even with my slight variations and simple color background. :)


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