Fluttershy (First attempt at digital painting)

fluttershy (digital painting)
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It’s as rough as sandpaper but my first attempt at digitally painting a pony went very well. I still need a lot of practice but I at least don’t feel like a total failure, as some ponies on certain subreddits want me to feel.

I searched google for a Fluttershy sketch and colored over the first one I found

Fluttershy - Sketch 1 by SupLoLNope
Fluttershy – Sketch 1┬áby :iconsuplolnope:

Now that I have half an idea what I’m doing, I just need to find some books or resources to help me understand color, shading, and anatomy better. Or find a college that will teach me illustration without requiring me to pay the equivelant of a luxury car each semester.

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