Published on September 21st, 2015 | by Rainb0wDashie


One With the Forest


“Among deep green hills
two eyes get lost in forests.
Crystal flower, images slip.
Among the trunks of the trees
visions appear from the ground.
Shades without roots but still exist.
Strange animals.
An eternal vital chain.
Monstrous pre-historic.
A level of unearthly power.
But still…
Everything flows.
Some kind of a magic scar.
Everything gets harmonized
with the move of light.
Quick move of image.
Impossible to stay untouched.
Material follows the equilibrium.
Quickly release the earthly flesh.

I’m one with the forest!
I’m one with the beast!”

Inspired by Nelson Gibbins Black and White T-Shirt design. I really liked the picture so I wanted to ponify it. I think it turned out pretty well, conmsideirng it was really hard to draw Anger Bunny from the front because there are literally no references pictures of him facing front; so I haxd to peice-mail him together from four different reference opictures. But I guess that’s how you get better at art so I’ll chalk that up as a win.


About the Author

Rainb0w Dashie is a fanfic author, brony musician, aspiring artist, and a self proclaimed 'Jack-of-all-pony-trades". He is also the one and only Panty Muncher Pony; so be sure to lock up your fillies with the rest of the silver~

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