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Rainb0w Dashie and TPM at Ponycon 2015

It took some time to get back to finally get back to me after I applied in June, but it’s been officially confirmed and I am now a curator for the Traveling Pony Museum!

My first con with the group is going to be Ponycon 2015, taking place at SFC (St. Francis College) in downtown Brooklyn NY.

Ponycon 2015 will offer interactive experiences and events for fans and friends of all ages, including activities, art, exhibits, exclusives, workshops, lectures, panels, sneak peeks, beauty, food, fun, and many more surprises!

Currently their announced show guests include Ingrid Nilson (Voice of Maud Pie), Daniel Ingram (MLP’s composer/song-writer), Vincent Tong (voiced several minor characters), and Andrea Libman (Voices Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy!), as well as many fandom guests including Dennybutt, AnimatedJames, Drawponies, and Tsistra360 among many others with more planned to be announced

The Traveling Pony Museum is also going to be there, continuing with their goal of bringing wonderfulk artowk and other creations to the fandom. As described on their currently developing website (at the time of this writing):

“The Traveling Pony Museum is a traveling collection of works by talented artists from the ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ fan community. Growing out of a wish to cast a spotlight on underexposed artists, TPM quickly developed from a single planned exhibition at one event into an organization dedicated to appearances at conventions and events around the country. As diverse as the My Little Pony community itself, the museum’s collection includes drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, digital artwork, customized pony dolls, and custom stuffed toys.”

I will also be there, helping with the museum interpeting all the selected pony works to all of Ponycon’s wonderful guests.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Go Register!






Some assests used in feature image belong to TPM as well as Ponycon2015


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