Rainb0w Dashie will be Vending Ponyville Ciderfest 2015

Table and badge registration are all squared away now so it’s all just down to getting everything bought and printed for my first pony con vending opportunity!

I might have to take out a small personal loan to get my prints made, but I’m fairly confident I’ll be able to make a pretty sizable return.

However, since it’s my first con I’m sorta scrambling around to get enough prints to sell. I talked to the con chair and we agreed upon 10-15 images, and as you can see by my art portfolio I only have 7 (as of writing this post), but again I’m confident I’ll be able to maker up the difference long before it comes time to vend at the con; but keep your hooves crossed for me anyway.

Anyway, I’ve got a lot of art-ing to do, see you all at Ciderfest!


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